The Best Casino Game Odds Out there

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People indulge in gambling for various reasons - some just want to unwind after a long day's work while others are in it to win money. It is, therefore, very important to understand that not all games are created equal - there is a big difference in the possible payout percentage varying from one title to another.

Online gambling establishments offer a wide variety of promotions and bonuses to help you win easily. However, you need to be equipped with knowledge regarding casino game odds. This is where the house edge comes in.

The House Edge

It shouldn't come as a surprise that every betting operator has a built-in mathematical advantage on all games. You must have heard of the common phrase "the house always wins". The adage refers to the house edge, also known as the casino advantage. Put simply, this is the profit that a casino earns from your bet, usually expressed as a percentage. For instance, if a game has a 5% edge, you should expect to lose 5 cents for every bet.

Note that it doesn't mean that for every dollar spent, you'll lose this percentage - instead, it applies to an entire gaming session. One key thing to keep in mind is that the edge is normally calculated under ideal conditions including consistent gameplay and bets on high probability outcomes.

Without a doubt, you'll want to know the best casino game odds that you can get. Discussed below are the winning odds for popular games.

Best Casino Game Odds

Video Poker: 0.5%

Although the statistical advantage varies from machine to machine, with a perfect strategy, some video poker machines could have the odds in your favor. Normally, the edge on these games is less than 3% and can go as low as under 1%, but with expert strategy.

As such, be sure to pick titles that offer the highest returns and learn good strategies to maximize casino game odds when playing.

Blackjack: 0.5% -1%

For the average gamer, the casino advantage on this particular title is about 2%; however, for skilled players, it could be reduced to 0.5%. Basically, the objective of this title is to come as close to 21 as possible without a bust "going over". You'll hear experienced players say that the goal is to beat the dealer, which is also true.

Baccarat: 1%

Baccarat is often believed to be a high stakes game, but more casual players are starting to realize that it's also a great game for small stakes. Baccarat has a low house advantage, which is why it's a wise choice for beginners. All you really need to know is that this game only has 3 types of bets: banker, player, and tie.

Best Casino Game Odds

Craps: 0.60%-1.06%

Craps has great casino game odds too and you'll find it at most if not all game websites. It's a very social game just like poker but more thrilling - everyone wagering gets an opportunity to roll the dice (though players aren't required to). Gamers, choose to bet on or against the "shooter". Any combination of seven marks the end of a round usually referred to as "sevening out".