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You've scouted out a great bonus offer and are eagerly cracking your way through the wagering requirements to release your bonus - however, despite playing ever so often you still find yourself some way short of clearing the wagering requirements to get access to your bonus funds and winnings. Sound familiar? If yes, then you are not alone - the wagering or playthrough requirements for bonus release are often quite stringent (sometimes as high as 70x or 100x the bonus amount) and are designed in such a way that players will statistically end up putting all their bonus credits/winnings back into the casino. However, fret not - this is where a low wager casino bonus comes in handy. As the name suggests, these are casinos with very reasonable wagering requirements like the days of yore, when one could get bonus money with little or no wagering requirements.

Why Casinos Have High Wagering Requirements

Gone are the days when casinos, in good faith, would give bonus money with little to no wagering requirements. Free money usually attracts unscrupulous characters, and the bonus funds of the past were taken advantage of by players who abused the system and made a handy profit just by the bonus amounts, without any intention of actually playing on the site. Hence, online gambling operators these days enforce wagering or playthrough requirements to ensure that players end up playing a decent amount before being allowed to cash out the bonus funds. Additionally, to safeguard their interests casinos also have convoluted terms and conditions, particularly when it comes to withdrawals.

Low Wager Casino Bonuses

The Great Thing About a Low Wager Casino Bonus

A casino offering a low wager casino bonus makes for a great playing experience for the obvious reason - you don't have to spend a lot of time to get your bonus winnings. They can be available to you in as little as a week or less of normal regular casino wagering. A low wager bonus can be as little as 5x and generally doesn't go more than 15x the bonus amount. Additionally, getting a low wager bonus does not mean that you will be denied any of other freebies such as free spins which you will also get in addition to your bonus funds.

Things to Look Out For in Low Wagering Bonuses

Low Wager Casino Bonuses

You can find a comprehensive list of sites with low wagering requirements right here at However, there are a few things one should look out for:

  • The wagering requirements for the bonus funds begin when you start using your bonus money, i.e. after you finish using up your deposit amount.
  • More often than not, there is a time limit to achieving your wagering requirements. This limit is usually generous and gives you enough time to complete a low requirement.
  • The maximum bet amount and maximum win amount is normally capped.
  • Not all games are eligible for completing your wagering requirements - it's important to know which games you can use to complete these requirements (some table games and most live games are usually ineligible).

Remember to read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly to understand the wagering requirements of casinos. Pay particular attention to the withdrawal terms. Low wagering requirements are a great way for you to get access to bonus funds without having to play for ages and is a good middle-ground for both casual and frequent players. Casinos with low wagering requirements aren't very common, but they're certainly out there - happy hunting!