Refer a Friend Bonuses in Online Casinos

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It always makes for a better (and more lucrative!) experience to play in online casinos with a friend or relative. Both you and the casino gain with referral programs, wherein you will get rewarded for new people that you get to register and deposit into the site. The type of people you refer does not matter to the casino - they can be your colleagues, relatives, friends, or even enemies! All that concerns the casinos is that additional registration and their corresponding deposits, and they will reward you well for helping them get another customer. Not all casinos have this type of bonus on offer, but most of the newer ones do - indeed, word-of-mouth initiatives such as these bonuses are sometimes one of the best marketing tools for a lot of online gambling operators.

How Refer a Friend Casino Bonuses Work

Best Refer a Friend Casino Bonuses

Different casinos have different Refer a Friend bonuses - you can find all the casinos offering this type of bonus right here on our site. The premise is simple: all you have to do is get a friend or acquaintance to register on the site and play on it for real money and your account will be credited with cash and/or other freebies. You can start the process by visiting the Cashier section, though some sites also have a special public link on their home page for you to use, either by sending it to your friend via e-mail or sharing it on your social media.

The amount that you will receive as a bonus can either be a fixed amount (usually around $50), or it can be calculated as a percentage of the initial deposit made by your friend. The former (fixed bonus amount) is more common as the latter can be subject to abuse. The best bonuses also offer free spins, apart from a cash credit, as part of the bonus. Some even offer additional cashbacks on your own play, apart from the bonus funds and free spins, as part of this deal. In fact, this is what differentiates the different types of this bonus - the best ones offer a lot of freebies apart from the bonus cash (such as free spins, merchandise, vouchers, entry into prize draws, and so on), and have little or no wagering requirements to release these bonus funds.

Claiming Refer a Friend Bonuses

Best Refer a Friend Casino Bonuses

The way these bonuses work is reasonably simple: all you need is an account yourself in a casino using such a bonus as a promotional tool. These casinos will usually have a referral link that you can then forward to your friend or acquaintance. It is extremely important that he or she uses this link to register, otherwise, you will be ineligible for this bonus. After he or she registers using this link, makes a deposit, and starts playing, you will start earning requirement points and you will get the bonus amount credited to your account after the wagering requirement is met. As you might have guessed, there are usually wagering requirements attached to these bonuses, as with every other bonus - your introduction will need to play a certain amount before these bonus funds are released to you. However, these requirements aren't generally very strict and are easy to fulfill. Sometimes though, casinos even forego these wagering requirements and give an instant credit to your account.

The great thing about Refer a Friend bonuses is that a lot of casinos do not limit them to one or any number of introductions. The more people you get on to the site, the more lucrative it gets for you (and for the site!). Most of the time, these bonuses reward both you and your friend so it is a great way for both or all of you to earn a quick bonus (not to mention the usual free spins and welcome offers that your friend will also receive as a new joiner). What differentiates this offer from other bonuses is that it is simple, easy to use, and is usually not subject to the rigorous Terms and Conditions required to get the funds. It is definitely a great way to earn a quick buck (and have great conversations with friends) by spreading the word for the casino and we certainly recommend making full use of this bonus whenever operators have this promotion on offer.