Top Online Slots to Play

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Online slots are not only the most played games currently but also offer more titles than any other kinds of casino games. You'll find thousands of slots, which offer great diversity for the players. Also, there is a sizeable list of slots developers out there - today, many operators partner with several software developers to ensure they offer the best.

Things to Note about Top Online Slots

Before diving into details, it is worth shedding some light on a few things that are crucial to your gaming experience.

  • Great games: Firstly, there is a surplus of great games to choose from - it doesn't matter what your style is, you'll definitely find something that perfectly suits your needs. These are available in different themes, have various bonus features, storylines, prizes and much more.
  • Top slot software providers: Just like in other industries, game providers are different thus some will supply better titles than others. To get a hold of top titles, ensure that you sign up at top casinos.
  • High payout slot games: When it comes to playing high stakes titles, high rollers have an advantage over the regular players. Fortunately, betting houses offer a variety of promos and bonuses to allow you to enjoy top games with great payouts. They range from free spins, no deposit bonuses, prize draws and much more.

How Do Slots Work?

Top 5 Online Slots

You've probably heard some beliefs and myths regarding these games. Some folks have the notion that if a particular machine has recently paid out a jackpot, anybody playing that machine after that cannot win.

What such folks don't understand is that top online slots make use of random number generators (RNG). This a computer unit that generates random number sequences once you spin the reels. As such, the outcome is determined by mathematical equations purely, meaning it's never rigged.

Playing Free Online Slots

Top game sites always ensure that you can enjoy various online slots without having to risk your bankroll. They provide what is referred to as a demo or practice mode. This feature lets gamers test-drive various titles for free.

Note that free slots are similar to the real money games with all the bonus features, free spins, and themes. Players can even stake in using virtual funds just as they would in actual games. The point is to equip gamers with ample knowledge so they know what to expect in the real deal. After enough practice, they can easily switch to real money mode. Listed below are amongst the top slot titles you can enjoy;

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Starburst
  • Thunderstruck II
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Mega Fortune

Top 5 Online Slots

Variance, Volatility, and RTP

When playing top online slots, you're bound to come across these terms, which is why you need to understand what they mean. This will go a long way towards helping you find online slots with the best payout percentages.

  • Volatility/Variance: These are simply other names for risk - they indicate how online slots have been programmed to pay out prizes as well as how a player is going to have to bet in order to win.
  • RTP (Return to Player) Rate: This determines the percentage a casino keeps and how much is available for you to win. For example, if a game has an RTP rate of 95%, the slot keeps 5% of all the bets. 95% of all wagers will be distributed to gamers over an infinite number of spins.